P.21: 2 1/2 hours into NaNoWriMo and I’m 7.4% done! Woot, woot!

It’s 2:30am on November 1st as I write this, with NaNoWriMo officially kicked-off.
I need to write 50,000 words this month to win — and I’m already at 3,700 words (and I like what I’ve done so far!).

That’s 2 1/2 hours in and I’m 7.4% there — woot woot!

It scares me a little that my first 3700 words make up exactly 1 page in my 22 page outline. That projects out to 81,500 words in a genre (upper middle grade fantasy) that peaks at about 55k words.

The beginning of my outline should take up a bit more words because I have to do a lot of world building and character building, and some pages of my outline won’t be much longer than whatever I write for them in the book, but I’ll need to tighten this up.

Still, though, it’s a first draft, so I can do no wrong — and while I originally thought I had to finish the entire book in November to “win” NaNo, all I actually have to do is write 50,000 words, finished or not.

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